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AIMMArkansas Inland Maritime Museum
AIMMAGP Inline Memory Module
AIMMActive Input Method Manager (Microsoft)
AIMMAustralian Institute of Management Member
AIMMAnnotation, Interpretation and Management of Mutations (workshop)
AIMMAustralian Institute of Materials Management
AIMMAugmented Interactive Multiple Model
AIMMAudiovisual Interactive Medical Multimedia (Department, Naval School of Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD, USA)
AIMMAssociate of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy
AIMMAustralian Institute of Mining and Metalurgy
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Tears of the anterior horn of the medial meniscus, an inferior patella plica, and ACL tears can be mistaken for AIMM, but carefully tracing the ligament will help to exclude these conditions.
Vical is conducting the AIMM (Allovectin-7 Immunotherapeutic for Metastatic Melanoma) trial, a Phase III pivotal trial of the company's Allovectin-7 cancer immunotherapeutic as first-line therapy in approximately 375 chemotherapy-naive patients with Stage III or IV metastatic melanoma in accordance with a Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) agreement completed with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The AIMM trial is being conducted in accordance with the SPA agreement at more than 60 clinical sites, and is currently enrolling patients in the United States, Canada and Europe.
Recap[R] Sample Code Classification Type Size CRA Celera Genomics Sequencing 1 GEN Genomics (1st and Genomics 11 2nd Generation) AIMM Autoimmune Therapeutics 10 CANC Cancer Therapeutics 34 CARD Cardiovascular Therapeutics 4 CHEM Chemistry Other 6 CNS CNS (Central Therapeutics 13 Nervous System) DLVR Delivery Technology- 15 based DIAG Diagnostics/ Technology- 13 Imaging based GTHP Gene Therapy Therapeutics 10 INF Infection Therapeutics 17 META Metabolic Therapeutics 7 OTH Other Other 24 REV Revenue-Driven Therapeutics 5 SCR Screening Technology- 7 based WND Wound Therapeutics 7 Descriptive Statistics of Returns over the Estimation and Test Periods Recap[R] Std.
Daniel Ferguson BA GradDipLib MLib AIMM AALIA has worked in senior positions in public libraries since 1978, and for Fairfield Library NSW since 2000.
"Lynne and I founded and grew our communication consultancy, AIMM, over 20 years to become a leader in the U.K.
AIMM Technologies' Hydrokinetics cleaning process, for the clearing and cleaning of fouled interiors of tubes, pipes and lines is based in the induction of "sonic resonance" into the cleaning water stream or medium.
(1) Major Paul Rosenzweig, MA AIMM is a member of the Military Society of Australia, the Naval Historical Society of Australia, and the Historical Society of the Northern Territory.
The SAS web site,, says AIMM marchers are "campaigning for tough sentencing for violent criminals, the absolute right to self-defense, safety education, and more responsible and involved parenting." Their mission statement goes on to say that many anti-gun groups use the argument that if new gun laws "save even one life" then they are worth undertaking, but fail to consider the "one life" saved by a firearm.
Their Armed Informed Mothers March (AIMM) has been timed to clash with the protest by the Million Moms March.
and Palethorpe C.E., The Hartley Platinum Project, AIMM Branch Meeting, Sydney, December 1994.