AIMMEAmerican Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
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Donques sui ge ses anemis?'; and Yvain, lines 6009-22: 'Por voir mes sire Gauvains aimme | Yvain et conpaingnon le claimme; | et Yvains lui, ou que il soit ...
The femoral piston rod CAD design file was used to directly build a part with implantable titanium alloy at the Electron Beam Melting (EBM) facilities at AIMME. The femoral stem was put under mechanical tests according to International Standard ISO 7206-4: 2002 with satisfactory results, allowing the product to withstand normal mechanical operation once it is implanted.
Aimme Lamoureux scored the last four goals of the game to lead the host No.
14 Aimme Moutet, "Ingenieurs et rationalisation dans 1'industrie francaise de la Grande Guerre au Front populaire," Culture technique (Les ingenieurs) 12 (March 1984): 137-53.
Aimme Parry and Page Hornby both scored hat-tricks as Mossley Hill (Inayah Robinson) defeated Earlstown 7-1