AIMMSAdvanced Integrated Multidimensional Modeling Software
AIMMSAchievement Initiative for Maryland Minority Students (Maryland State Department of Education)
AIMMSAdvanced Internal Moisture Management System (fabric)
AIMMSAdvanced Integration and Management of Maritime Sensors (UK)
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This partnership will allow us to cover all aspects of integrated business planning, from processes to practical applications,” says AIMMS CEO Gijs Dullaert.
8220;We are delighted to be working with Oliver Wight and AIMMS on this initiative to help clients drive increased revenue and profitability.
AIMMS helps retailers and manufacturers to recapture dollars that were previously lost at the shelf through more effective planogram collection and compliance measurement.
MOBICOM's AIMMS division recently signed an agreement with SK Telecom, one of the world's largest cell phone service providers, to provide automated interactive marketing technology to SK Telecom's 20 million cell phone customers.
AIMMS also recently entered into an agreement with KTF, the second largest Korean cell phone service provider to provide IMMS (Interactive Mobile Marketing System) services.
AIMMS is also preparing to launch its Franchise Membership Service targeting 20,000 retail stores to enroll their customers in a mobile rewards program.
MOBICOM intends cross selling the services of AIMMS to other customers both in the United States and other mobile phone markets where early adoption is prevalent.
Satellite Security Corporation is offering to exchange 50 million shares of its stock for 100% of the outstanding shares of AIMMS.
It is with great honor that we near completion of the AIMMS acquisition.
The growth in the cellular market worldwide shows no sign of slowing, and AIMMS has the technology and expertise to execute this high growth, high margin business strategy," said Young Jae Lee, Co-CEO of AIMMS.
Building LONWORKS connectivity into our AIMMS system gives our customers a key end-to-end solution for the networked RF device market by enabling connectivity on one common network"
AIMMS runs through a web browser and integrates radio frequency tags with a relational database to automatically track and report assets.