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AIMRAssociation for Investment Management and Research
AIMRAdvanced Institute for Materials Research (Tohoku University; Japan)
AIMRAirborne Imaging Microwave Radiometer
AIMRAustralian Identified Mineral Resources
AIMRAssociation of Industry Manufacturers'/Representatives, Inc. (Aliso Viejo, CA)
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Recently, AIMR substantially revised its PPS as part of a standards globalization program.
The AIMR board of governors formed IPC following a broad public comment period and after soliciting nominations.
AIMR submitted two comment letters to the commission objecting to the regulation when it was proposed, arguing the proposal would negatively affect both the quantity and quality of information available in financial markets by reducing issuer disclosures to sound bites and boilerplate, leaving investors worse off both informationally and economically.
The AIMR standards attempt to provide guidance in this area but are deficient.
Uses an outside auditing or verification entity to examine how its compliance procedures calculate total time-weighted returns and ensures that the manager made appropriate disclosures and that their presentation of results complies with AIMR guidelines.
In North America, the GIPS(R) standards were based on and preceded by AIMR Performance Presentation Standards.
Vassalotti is a member of the North Carolina Society of Financial Analysts, the AIMR, and the North Carolina Investment Advisors Association (and was a former board member).
The need for a common, accepted set of guidelines for the calculation and presentation of investment performance to prospective clients led the Association for Investment Management and Research(R) (AIMR(R)), the predecessor to CFA Institute, to develop the AIMR Performance Presentation Standards (AIMR-PPS(R)) in the late 1980s.
CRAFund Advisors is the first 'community development' manager we've reviewed and found to be AIMR compliant.