AIMS2Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales version 2
AIMS2Automated Installation Management System, Version 2 (Linux)
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All parameters of AIMS2 decreased more significantly in intervention group than control group (Table 4).
In terms of AIMS2 score before and after treatment, while there is no difference in the control group, physical functions of patients improved in the intervention group (mobility levels, walking, arm movements, hand and finger movements, housework, etc.
Significant positive correlations were found between the GAT score and the duration of morning stiffness, VAS-pain during ADL, VAS-stiffness, finger flexion deficit of dominant hand, DAS28, HAQ, AIMS2 hand/finger function subscale, and DHI, (r=0.
These were: AIMS2, AIMS2-SF, ASES, WOMAC, KOOS and the Lequesne Index for Osteoarthritis of the Knee.
The study found that while pain measures were sensitive to change, the two specific arthritis outcome measures, the WOMAC and AIMS2 were not.
As a result of industry trends and exposure that AIMS2 received during the Technology Partnerships evaluation, the device is developing a user base at highway agencies and among aggregate producers in the United States and abroad.