AINCAdvanced Intelligent Networks Corporation
AINCArtificial Intelligence Noise Canceling (Sony)
AINCArabic Internet Names Consortium
AINCAudio Information Network of Colorado (formerly Radio Reading Service of the Rockies; est. 1990)
AINCAffaires Indienne et du Nord Canada (French: Indian and northern affairs Canada)
AINCArmy Interoperability Network Center
AINCAntibody-Independent Neutrophil Cytotoxicity
AINCAll-India National Congress (political party)
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(aInc) if there exist p > 1 such that [(aInc).sub.p] holds,
However, the leadership of AINC did not heed to these demands or pay any serious attention to their concerns.
In the final step, use the tax rate schedule and apply the appropriate self-employment tax to determine the actual income (AINC) to be the income that would be consistent with the tax liability of TTAX.
Specific areas are: Artificial intelligence numerical control (AINC); knowledge-based machining (KBM); knowledge of stock remaining (KSR); Windows-based user interface; high speed cutting (HSC); five-axis development; optimization of machining; and manufacturing product data management (MPDM).
(NYSE American: AINC) has agreed to acquire the hotel management business of Dallas, Texas-based Remington Holdings, LP, the company said.
On the bottom panel of the left earcup is the power switch for noise cancellation, with an AINC button next to it.
Les chercheurs ont alors demande aux responsables des bureaux quebecois de quatre organismes federaux de participer a l'etude : ce sont le ministere des Affaires indiennes et du Nord canadien (AINC), Peches et Oceans Canada (P&O), la Garde cotiere (GC) et l'Agence des services frontaliers du Canada (ASFC) (3).