AINLArtificial Intelligence and Natural Language (conference)
AINLAll Is Not Lost
AINLApostle Islands National Lakeshore (Wisconsin)
AINLAmnesty International Netherlands
AINLAnterior Interosseous Nerve Latency (neuromuscular medicine)
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This materialized trace of separate individuals moving through the AINL at different times makes the push and pull between strategies and tactics manifest on the landscape itself.
Wilderness Act and National Park Service (NPS) wilderness management plans, the AINL is simultaneously a place for preservation of biophysical environments and public enjoyment/appreciation; the crafted experiential landscape, thus, is one of aesthetic appreciation from a respectful distance, of nature as spectacle object, viewed and revered but not engaged directly or for extended periods of time.
That is, while they may appear to buck authority and challenge the system of NPS order, the vast majority of AINL social trails merely hug the official trail, never diverging more than a few dozen yards and, then, often only doing so to allow the walker to 1) avoid a temporary hazard in the existing official trail, like a fallen tree; 2) avoid disturbing some biophysical aspect of the official trail, like wildlife grazing alongside the path; or 3) access a particularly notable promontory or viewing location, almost exclusively along the bluffs and shorelines facing the expanse of Lake Superior.
Hundreds of social trails in the AINL point toward the shoreline, where the tree cover thins and affords trail walkers a greater vista view.