AIOAAmerican Iron Ore Association
AIOAAviation Insurance Offices' Association (UK)
AIOAArrondissement Interdépartemental des Ouvrages d'Art
AIOAArt Institute of Atlanta (Georgia)
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En ambos casos, la AR emite la arteria recurrente radial y el TAIO, que se divide en AIOA y AIOP, lo que concuerda con lo hallado por otros autores (Dubreuil Chambardel; Hazlett; Weathersby; del Sol et al.; Jacquemin et al.; Natsis et al.; Dartnell et al.; Senanayake et al.; Ashim et al.; Kumka & Purkiss; Quadros et al.; Abhinita et al.; Sirininvasa et al.).
According to the Aviation Insurance Offices Association (AIOA), which represents airline insurers in London, UK, airlines will continue to receive cover during a possible war in Iraq and will therefore not face a repeat of the insurance crisis triggered by the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks.