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AIONAnterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
AIONAustralian Institute of Navigation
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Researchers looked at 925 episodes of the onset of AION to determine the time of day and season of the year in which those with the condition discovered their visual loss.
By using a small blood pressure monitor, Hayreh has recorded steep drops in blood pressure among those who had AION and glaucoma.
We're extremely excited to finally deliver the game to Western audiences and believe they will enjoy Aion as much as Eastern players have," said Jaeho Lee, CEO NCsoft West.
Consumer excitement for Aion has been steadily building in the recent months leading up to the game's launch.
Players who preorder Aion receive guaranteed entry to all scheduled Aion beta events, early access to the servers at launch, exclusive in-game digital items, and special game benefits including character and server preselection privileges.
As a special promotion in North America, Aion preorder participants will have a chance to win an Alienware Area-51[R] m15x gaming notebook (US$2,324), and other great prizes such as HIS Hightech ATI Radeon[TM] HD video cards (US$164.
When Aion launches, players can purchase the Aion Limited Collector's Edition box through multiple retail channels.
AION Diagnostics (AION) is a global biotechnology company dedicated to the commercialization of medical imaging contrast and molecular imaging agents for early stage detection of critical diseases.
Full service for Aion is expected to launch in Korea at the end of 2007.
AION has also moved its primary place of incorporation to the U.
AION Diagnostics Managing Director Dr Anna Kluczewska said, "We are proud to have a diagnostics industry leader with a proven track record in delivering results join the AION Board.