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AIPAirport Improvement Program
AIPAmerican Institute of Physics
AIPAeronautical Information Publication
AIPAustralian Institute of Physics
AIPAlaskan Independence Party
AIPAmerican International Pictures
AIPAir Independent Propulsion
AIPAir-Independent Propulsion
AIPAcute Intermittent Porphyria
AIPAgreement in Principle
AIPAmerican Institute of Philanthropy (nonprofit charity watchdog organization)
AIPArzt Im Praktikum
AIPAutomobile Insurance Plan (insurance)
AIPAssociação Industrial Portuguesa (Portugal)
AIPAmerican Independent Party
AIPAssociazione Informatici Professionisti (Italian Computer Society)
AIPAfghan Islamic Press
AIPAutomatic Investment Plan
AIPArt Institute of Pittsburgh
AIPAdvanced Inspection and Prevention
AIPATM Interface Processor
AIPAustralian Institute of Petroleum
AIPArchival Information Package
AIPAnnual Incentive Plan
AIPAssociation of Internet Professionals
AIPApproval in Principle
AIPAmerican Indian Program
AIPAmerican Institute of Parliamentarians
AIPAmerican Industrial Partners
AIPAssignment Incentive Pay
AIPAll Injury Program
AIPAnnual Implementation Plan
AIPAdaptive Internet Protocol (SCO)
AIPAcademic Internship Program (University of California, San Diego)
AIPApparel Industry Partnership
AIPApplication Infrastructure Provider
AIPAssociazione Italiana Parkinsoniani
AIPAnterior Intraparietal
AIPAntigen Identification Program
AIPAcquisition of Immovable Property
AIPAirport Improvement Plan
AIPAustralian Institute of Packaging
AIPArctic Investigations Program
AIPASUW Improvement Program
AIPArc Ion Plating
AIPAircraft Improvement Program
AIPAssociazione Italiana Podologi
AIPApoptosis-Inducing Protein
AIPAntenna in Package (miniature antennas)
AIPAutism Intervention Program (Ontario, Canada)
AIPAssigned Risk Plan
AIPAccumulated Income Payment
AIPAcademic Intervention Program
AIPAssociazione Immunodeficienze Primitive (Italy)
AIPAdvanced Inventory Planning
AIPArchive International Productions
AIPAir Independent Power
AIPAircraft Interior Products
AIPAdvanced Inspection Processor
AIPAtypical Interstitial Pneumonia
AIPAuto-Ignition Point
AIPArterial Improvement Program
AIPAmerican Independent Party of California
AIPAnimals in Print
AIPAssociation of Italian Pedologists
AIPAquaculture Interchange Program (Oceanic Institute)
AIPAcademic International Press
AIPAsia Internet Plaza
AIPAlarm Interface Panel
AIPAmerican Institute of Pyramidology
AIPAlternatives in Publication
AIPAssociation Internationale des Ports (French: International Association of Ports)
AIPAccess Improvement Program (Act Health Australia)
AIPASAN International Program
AIPApplications Industrielles des Plastiques
AIPAluminium Isopropoxide (chemical)
AIPASP Infrastructure Provider
AIPASARS Improvement Program
AIPAccrued Interest Payable
AIPAlberta Independence Party (Canada)
AIPAir Interface Protocol
AIPArtificial Intelligence Program
AIPArtificial Intelligence Project
AIPAcquisition Intern Program
AIPAlcohol Intervention Program
AIPAgency Investigation Panel
AIPArtists in Print
AIPAmerican Independent Productions
AIPAFCEA International Press
AIPAudioInformationPhenomena (music label)
AIPAstrophysics Institute Potsdam
AIPAbbreviated Implementation Plan
AIPAcademic Integration Page
AIPAllied Intelligence Publication
AIPAverage Interference Parameter
AIPApartment Improvement Program
AIPAssociated Insurance Professionals, Inc.
AIPAdvanced Igneous Petrology
AIPAdvanced Industrial Practices
AIPAlternative Inspection Program
AIPAviation Integrity Project
AIPAcquisition Improvement Program
AIPAerothermal Instrumentation Package
AIPAccredited Incentive Practitioner
AIPArmy Implementation Plan
AIPAvionics Integrity Program
AIPAssociation Internationale de Psychogénéalogie (French: International Association of Psychogenealogy)
AIPActive Information Portal
AIPAcute Interdigital Phlegmon
AIPAlternatives to Incarceration Program
AIPInternational Press Agency (France)
AIPActive Information Presentation
AIPAvionics Integration Plan
AIPAccuracy Improvement Program
AIPAcquisition Investment Plan
AIPAssembly Integration Panel
AIPArchitecture & Infrastructure Planning
AIPAdaptive Internet Presence
AIPAlabama Innocence Project
AIPAdditions in Progress
AIPAssurance Implementation Plan
AIPAgence Ivorienne de Presse
AIPAdjustable Interlocking Panel
AIPAutomation for Immission and Pollution
AIPAvionics Installation Plan (US Navy)
AIPAir Inlet Pressure
AIPAvionics Improvement Package
AIPApplication Interface Protocol
AIPAdvanced Integrated Peripherals
AIPAUTODIN Improvement Program
AIPAutomation and Information Planners
AIPAdventures in Polynesia
AIPAmerica in Pictography
AIPAvionics Improvement Plan
AIPAutomated Implementation Plan
AIPAbbreviated Implementation Process
AIPAsynchronous Input Priority Buffer
AIPAssociated Independent Publishers
AIPActive Inventory Platform
AIPAutomated Information Portal
AIPAmerican Idol Party
AIPAfghan In Progress
AIPAgence Internationale de Presse (French)
AIPASW (Anti-Surface Warfare) Improvement Program (P-3C aircraft)
AIPAssurance Implementation Program
AIPAssigned Insurance Plan (insurance)
AIPAuvergne Investissements et Promotion (French: Auvergne Investment and Promotion; Auvergne, France)
AIPAlternative Investment Product (software suite)
AIPArt in the Park (various locations)
AIPAll-Inclusive Plan (various organizations)
AIPAssurance and Improvement Plan (UK)
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We are pleased with the success of this fund raise, particularly because we attracted several new limited partners to our program, said John Wolak, Head of AIP Private Markets.
We are excited by the opportunity to further our strategy in Fund VI and will continue to target well positioned industrial businesses that can benefit from the development and execution of our operating agendas," said Dino Cusumano, Partner at AIP.
AIP was first described in 1961 by Sarles et al as pancreatitis with hypergammaglobulinemia.
It is a trade organization whose membership is made up of physicists from all over the world, and in that central role AIP is also the publisher of 24 professional and academic journals.
The AIP presented the results of the two surveys at a press conference on April 4.
The Transaction also gives AIP Global majority seats on the Board of GO Markets, which will be taken up by AIP Global Chief Executive Officer Yuhi Horiguchi.
AIP is a guide for pilots and provides them with operational information on airspace and airfields in the UK, which used to be complied through manual imput, which was vulnerable to human error.
Gazans upon a resolution made by the AIP at its recent meeting, he said.
As an acknowledgment of the success of this project, and the role AIP played as a "host" company working closely with eight of its key suppliers, AIP picked up a Special Recognition award from the Supply Chain Groups team.
Once in theater, the AIP can be offloaded and sent on to its final destination and the 463L pallet returned to the Defense Transportation System (DTS).
The AIP can also be used to transport cargo with ISO containers, or alone.
The data for the analysis of AIP in this report were obtained from four randomized, double-blind, multicenter, parallel-group, placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted in the United States (7-10).