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AIPAAutorità per l'Informatica nella Pubblica Amministrazione (Italy)
AIPAAmerican Inventors Protection Act of 1999
AIPAAsean Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (Jakarta, Indonesia)
AIPAAustralian and International Pilots Association
AIPAAlberta Irrigation Projects Association
AIPAAssociazione Italiana Pazienti Anticoagulati
AIPAAssociazione Italiana pro Adozioni (Italian adoption agency)
AIPAAdvanced Information Processing and Analysis (Symposium)
AIPAAssociation of Iranian Professionals of Austin
AIPAAmerican International Players Association
AIPAAccident Initiation and Progression Analysis
AIPAAustralian Institute of Professional Archaeologists, Inc.
AIPAAdvertising & Illustrative Photographers Association, Inc.
AIPAAffiliate of the Insolvency Practitioners Association (UK)
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The commendation was contained in a resolution passed and adopted by the AIPA General Assembly Tuesday.
AIPA first turned to Radius in 2014 when it acquired AREVA TA's Aerospace Integration Business and part of Flow International's business.
Accordingly, in September 2000, the Office amended the protest rules pursuant to the AIPA "to provide that a protest must be submitted prior to the date the application [is] published.
Qantas entered into negotiations with the ALAEA and AIPA in August 2010, and with the TWU in May 2011, in a defensive position, seeking to remain competitive in an increasingly difficult climate in the global aviation industry.
AIPA president Barry Jackson accused Joyce of trashing the Qantas brand and said pilots would not back down on their demands.
30) The AIPA also expanded the top ranks of the PTO to include two
01) than those who belonged to the other groups who did not differ significantly in their scores: AIPA (M=109.
Further, the AIPA is charged with fighting discriminatory practices and providing a positive forum for an American Indian voice that previously has found little place in academic institutions and associations.
Analysis of this information was performed in several different projects, including the application of some of the techniques described in this article, a manual analysis of existing schemas performed internally by AIPA, and by the identification of relevant indicators to evaluate the degrees of automation in different ministries.
The Economic Democratization of South Africa, AIPA, Johannesburg, pp.
AIPA guaranteed that diligent applicants would always receive a term of no less than 17 years, sometimes considerably more, up to 20 years.