AIPADAssociation of International Photography Art Dealers
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At AIPAD there are classic landscapes by Ansel Adams shown by a variety of galleries along with evocative scenes such as "Lotus Flowers on Kunming Lake" by Rene Burr and "Aspen Grove" by George Tice in platinum/palladium prints.
Shown at AIPAD, we see a single screen of water come alive in a layered presentation that washes away previous views in a variety of blue hues.
Gregory Scott created two particularly captivating new pieces shown at AIPAD.
While AIPAD offers images of conflict in Japan and Cambodia, several exhibitors at the 29th edition of the London Original Print Fair (Royal Academy of Arts; 24-27 April) mark the anniversary of the First World War.
3) The AIPAD "Photography Show" was on view at the New York Hilton from February 9 through February 13, 2005.