AIPBAmerican Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.
AIPBAssociazione Italiana Private Banking (Italian: Italian Private Banking Association)
AIPBAccident Investigation and Prevention Bureau (Aviation Ministry; Nigeria)
AIPBAssociation Internationale du Psychodrame Balint (French)
AIPBAutomated Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
AIPBAll India Powerloom Board (textiles)
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For further information, contact AIPB, 800-622-0121, http://www.
Because most bookkeepers learned on the job, AIPB offers a substantial amount of continuing education in the form of self-study courses.
AIPB will customize news releases about the hiring test for interested associations.
To help employers avoid costly fines and penalties, AIPB has put together a free report, "Rules for Hiring and Paying Summer Help," available by e- mailing info@aipb.
Despite the push for tax breaks, AIPB says many expired in 2005: * The 15-year straight-line cost recovery for qualified leasehold improvements and qualified restaurant improvements; * The research and experimentation tax credit; * The work opportunity tax credit; * The welfare-to-work tax credits; * Parity in the application of certain limits to mental health benefits; * State and local general sales tax deductions; * Archer medical savings accounts (MSAs); * Above-the-line deduction for certain higher education expenses; * Election to include combat pay as earned income for purposes of the earned income credit.
Candidates for certification can prepare for the examination with self-study preparatory courses provided by AIPB specifically for the Certified Bookkeeper exam.
We had anecdotal reports of success," says AIPB Co-President Steve Sahlein, "but the numbers were better than we could have expected.
It assures business owners that the bookkeeper they are about to hire has the proven ability to handle all the books for a company of up to 100 employees, according to AIPB Co-President Steve Sahlein.
Ten thousand bookkeepers have registered for certification and another 15,000 have asked for information about how to become certified, according to AIPB Co-President Steve Sahlein (http://www.
Sahlein says that in 2005, small businesses will benefit from the more than 100,000 bookkeepers that AIPB has trained in key areas such as payroll preparation, credit and collections, and ratio analysis of financial statements (which uncovers budding financial problems before they erupt).
Certification tells a business owner that the bookkeeper is a true professional with a clear understanding of correct accounting practices that are so crucial for small businesses seeking investors, loans or simply tax returns," says AIPB Co-President Steve Sahlein.
AIPB Co-President Steve Sahlein says that AIPB is responding to what amounts to a crime wave in small business.