AIPCCAsociación Internacional Permanente de Los Congresos de Carreteras (Spanish: Permanent International Association of Road Congresses)
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During the event, the participants of the educational session Ocean of Discoveries were presented with Navigator of popular professions - an analytical development of the AIPCC Far East, which contains information about the professions relevant to the labor market in the Far East and for the future until 2025.
Thus, the program provides equal opportunities for employment and obtaining appropriate compensation for both Far Eastern residents and residents of non-Far Eastern regions, said the head of the AIPCC Far East.
For the effectiveness of the migration policy, the Agency proposes to employ successful foreign graduates of metropolitan universities in enterprises of the Far East, suggested Ivan Efimov, head of the demographic and migration policy unit of the AIPCC. Also for interested foreign students, we plan to organize a lecture on the features of migration policy within the framework of the Days of the Far East event.