AIPEXAutomobile Insurance Plan Excess Loss (insurance)
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Furthermore, as a current customer of OpenAir, AIPEX has first-hand product knowledge of the OpenAir suite and how it can help services businesses improve utilization and project margins while reducing overhead costs.
The partnership between AIPEX and OpenAir has a great deal of synergy," said Morris Panner, CEO at OpenAir.
AIPEX has worked on many projects in major enterprises in Australia and we see a great need for better visibility, transparency and control of project resources and costs," said Trevor Townsend, Director at AIPEX.
To kick off the partnership, AIPEX will host a breakfast seminar on 1st September 2009 at the Crown Complex in Melbourne.
They have built a seamless flow that streamlines our entire business," said Trevor Townsend, Managing Director of AIPEX.