AIPHArt Institute of Philadelphia
AIPHAcute Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemorrhage
AIPHAssociation Internationale des Producteurs de l'Horticulture (French: International Association of Horticultural Producers; Netherlands)
AIPHAmerican Institute of Physics (College Park, MD)
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As important as toxicity testing is, the contribution of the AIPH Toxicology Portfolio is not widely known.
As the nation grows increasingly motivated to spend taxpayer dollars efficiently and to protect the environment to preserve our future, the need for phased and targeted toxicity assessment will most likely become a prerequisite for all R&D investments, and it is reasonable to expect that the AIPH Toxicology Portfolio will remain a leader in this effort.
In another AIPH study, researchers found that married mothers and fathers of infants have better mental health than do their unmarried counterparts.
Reviewers of the earlier investigation of AIPH among infants recommended that investigators consider associations with multiple possible etiologies.
For each of the four cases that were consistent with the CDC case definition, investigators used a standard data abstraction form to collect information about Family demographics, prenatal and birth histories, diet and medication, preexisting medical conditions, and medical procedures and tests after admission for AIPH.
In March 2000, the CDC recanted the study and said that the available evidence did not support the associating epidemiological associations between household water, household fungi and AIPH or any inferences regarding causality.
Association of Household AIPH with Water Damage and Fungi
Both groups of reviewers concluded that the available evidence does not substantiate the reported epidemiologic associations--between household water damage and AIPH [3] or between household fungi and AIPH [4]--or any inferences regarding causality.
Therefore, MEDCOM has tasked AIPH, through the USAPHC Regions, to provide on-site assistance to ESEOs.
The materiel developer is responsible for identifying technically feasible materials and requesting appropriate consultation from AIPH TOX Portfolio.
The AIPH team distributed anonymous short paper questionnaires to Soldiers in both BCT and AIT.
We also gathered onsite water and food product samples for microbiological [tested by the JDVC Food Surveillance Laboratory], chemical [DoD food analysis and diagnostic laboratory], and radiological [food, FDA US based laboratory; water, AIPH testing].