AIPIAssociazione Italiana Progettisti Industriali (Italian: Italian Association of Industrial Designers; Casale Monferrato, Italy)
AIPIAsosiasi Ilmu Politik Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Political Science Association)
AIPIAging in Place Initiative
AIPIAustralian Institute of Professional Investigators
AIPIAb Initio Perturbed Ion
AIPIAssociazione Italiana Psicologia Investigativa (Italian: Italian Association of Investigative Psychology)
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AIPI has submitted a petition, demanding imposition of anti dumping import duty on bicycles from China to protect the domestic industry and imports should be restricted with certain specifications and quality.
11) Antigovernment Demonstrations Assassinations Cabinet Changes Genocidal Incidents Constitutional Changes Coups Government Crises Purges Riots Revolutions Border Wars Civil Wars AIPI Constant -0.
Table - 3 Europe's imports of bicycles Country of origin Total Year Taiwan Indonesia (`000 units) 1998 2,795 59 4,968 1999 2,538 122 5,314 2000 2,498 105 5,613 Source: AIPI
AIPI plans to export 100,000 tro 150,000 units of bicycle to the EU this year of the sanction has been lifted.
AIPI said, there were at least three Indonesian companies punished with the import anti dumping duty.