AIPLAnimal Improvement Programs Laboratory (USA)
AIPLAshland India Private Limited (Ashland, Inc.; Mumbai, India)
AIPLArtificial Intelligence Planning and Learning (workshop)
AIPLAbacus International Pte. Ltd. (travel agency website creation)
AIPLAlternative Initial Program Load
AIPLAdministrative Initial Program Load (cellular networks)
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AIPL Ambuja Housing & Urban Infrastructure will invest Rs 200 crore for the project.
Stillbirth data is collected on-farm by dairy workers and provided to the National Association of Animal Breeders, based in Columbia, Missouri," says AIPL geneticist Paul VanRaden.
Having information like this about genetic evaluation traits allows breeders to make selections that best achieve their goals," says AIPL geneticist John Cole.
Culminating a six-month process covering all facets of information security, international certification firm Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified AIPL to BS7799-2:2002.
As observed by Osborn [22], a loop is a WIPL and an AIPL if and only if it is a CIPL.
Each year, AIPL scientists estimate the genetic merit of over 16 million dairy cows from data obtained since 1960 through an industrywide dairy production testing and recordkeeping system and through breed registry societies.
AIPL can provide 24-hour operations to ensure around-the-clock coverage and accommodate for difference in time between India and the United States.
17, S is an AIPL hence a K-loop which makes L to be a SKL.
AIPL is a specialty anatomic pathology laboratory focused on providing premium services in both primary and second opinions, covering every organ in the human body.
Together, AIBioTech, FIL and AIPL offer unprecedented capabilities in basic laboratory, clinical trial, DNA identity, and patient support services.
Under his direction, AIPL will continue the Institute's mission of providing premium anatomic pathology services to governments, scientists, physicians and patients, with an emphasis on anatomic pathology specimens and related services.
AIPL will also intensify its strategy and development initiatives to enter specific IT services areas and build upon its reputation as a key technology service provider in India and throughout the region.