AIPLAAmerican International Property Law Association
AIPLAAmerican Intellectual Property Law Association
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The AIPLA is delighted that we can now offer these valuable educational programs to our members and the legal community via the convenience of the Internet," said Meghan Donohoe, AIPLA Director of Operations.
He has held numerous positions with the AIPLA throughout his career, including chair positions on the Electronics & Computer Law and Emerging Technologies committees, the latter of which he founded.
It was interesting to see the lineup of parties: Mass market discounters and knock-off merchants supported Wal-Mart; high-end and niche merchants supported Samara; and the AIPLA and INTA advocated what they thought was the intellectually honest position.
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Lewis was installed at the close of the recent 2012 AIPLA Annual Meeting, October 25-27 in Washington, D.
heavily relied upon the AIPLA position paper and the Mammen study--which
Todd Dickinson, executive director of the AIPLA concurs.
Anant Kataria headed to US to attend AIPLA Annual Meeting 2012.
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Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property, the AIPLA stated that
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