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FURTHER READING: AIPLEF supports diversity in the IP law space AIPLEF provides scholarships for students pursuing IP law AIPLEF helps provide much-needed diversity in IP law
She wants the AIPLEF to continue to provide scholarships.
Over the next 12 months, she anticipates that the mentoring program will grow and that the AIPLEF will continue to reach out to potential scholarship candidates, continuing to spread the word of the organization.
What we need in this profession, in this field, is more diversity to reflect the client base we serve." The AIPLEF, she says, has become more important in the past decade, as it helps to satisfy that profound need.
"The profession has a long way to go, but organizations like the AIPLEF are at the forefront of the legal community, encouraging it to make shifts that are necessary." And, perhaps the AIPLEF can help another young woman achieve her dream of a career that encompasses technology and the law, like it did for Tara Elliott.
The fabric of IP attorneys is starting to look a little more colorful." He credits the AIPLEF as an agent of change, bringing awareness of the diversity issue to the IP community, offering encouragement to young people and helping the community grow.
The network of people that Stout has met through his association with the AIPLEF continue to be a support for him.
People are more conscious and aware of the lack of minority representation in the profession and, with the help of AIPLEF scholarships, perhaps more students like Stout can achieve the dream and join the network.
Now, the AIPLEF pairs up scholarship recipients with mentors willing to share their wisdom and insights and, says Highet, enthusiasm for the program is high.
The mentoring program is just one of the initiatives the AIPLEF has undertaken in the past year.
Check out the video, and stay tuned for more coverage on the AIPLEF, including interviews with previous scholarship recipients.