AIPMAustralian Institute of Pharmacy Management
AIPMAppalachian Integrated Pest. Management
AIPMAssociation of International Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers
AIPMAnalytic Independent-Particle Model
AIPMAmerican Institute for Preventive Medicine
AIPMAustralian Institute of Project Management
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Es preciso senalar que la falta de informacion en la AIPM sobre la intensidad del cuidado formal puede ser el motivo de que esta variable no sea significativa en las ecuaciones de participacion en el mercado de trabajo que se presentan aqui.
Para mayor informacion consultese, Melesio Gutierrez Perez, Riesgo e Integridad de Ductos de Transporte de Hidrocarburos, AIPM.
In the midst of a severe outbreak in 1990, our forest was included in the AIPM aerial spraying plan.
To commemorate this year's National Wise Health Care Consumer Month, FAIR Health and the AIPM have teamed up to promote greater understanding of the healthcare system and the information that consumers need to make wise healthcare decisions.
Although the Forest Service is leading AIPM efforts, state and local cooperation are integral to the project's success, because of the emphasis on exact mapping of the advancing moth front.
and currently directs Integreon's AIPM function, on all facets of client initiatives, including oversight of program implementations, project management systems, and best-practice consulting.
The AIPM Group has since grown and expanded to cover many additional areas of operation.
Anghel served as director of numerous companies, including DIC, Elbit, Elron, Elscint, AIPM and Orbotech.
3 million purchase was made by Hogla-Kimberly, a company jointly owned by AIPM and K-C.
AIPM has become the fastest growing EAM solutions for CSS over the last couple of years as more companies adopt best practices to drive continuous improvements.