AIPMAustralian Institute of Project Management
AIPMAdvanced Internet Protocol Module
AIPMAmerican Institute for Preventive Medicine
AIPMAsset Investment Planning and Management
AIPMAustralian Institute of Pharmacy Management
AIPMAppalachian Integrated Pest. Management
AIPMAssociation of International Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers
AIPMAnalytic Independent-Particle Model
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Clay Jackson, MD, the president of AIPM. "We have a crisis of overprescription of opioids but undertreatment of chronic pain."
"The rules also provide that the applicant must be the holder of the copyright of the content of submission; however, HBM AIPM reserves the right to use some relevant content for promotional and marketing purposes.
La AiPM ofrece informacion sobre la poblacion de cuidadores informales de Espana y cubre una variedad de items sobre caracteristicas sociodemograficas del cuidador informal, de su estado de salud, de su relacion con el sujeto dependiente, de los cuidados que realiza, de la situacion laboral y sociodemografica del dependiente.
Para mayor informacion consultese, Melesio Gutierrez Perez, Riesgo e Integridad de Ductos de Transporte de Hidrocarburos, AIPM. Mexico, 2010.
Asi lo afirmo Adrian Lajous, director general de Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), durante el congreso reciente de la Asociacion de Ingenieros Petroleros de Mexico (AIPM).
We contacted local and federal officials for information, and through the assistance of Stephanie Springer, our county's dedicated gypsy-moth coordinator, we became involved with the Appalachian Integrated Pst Management (AIPM) program.
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed that it had received 627 submissions for various categories of the inaugural edition of the Hamdan Bin Mohammad Award for Innovation in Project Management (HBM AIPM).
The 2002 edition of the HealthyLife[TM] Self-Care Guide, published by the American Institute for Preventive Medicine (AIPM), has been favorably reviewed by The American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation for its accuracy.
En las proximas semanas, la nueva evaluacion de las reservas sera un tema de amplia discusion entre los tecnicos de la industria petrolera, sobre todo, durante el congreso anual de la Asociacion de Ingenieros Petroleros de Mexico (AIPM), que se llevara a cabo en Merida, Yucatan, del 15 al 18 de abril.
Although the Forest Service is leading AIPM efforts, state and local cooperation are integral to the project's success, because of the emphasis on exact mapping of the advancing moth front.
To help people cope, the American Institute for Preventive Medicine (AIPM) published Take Charge: Handling a Crisis and Moving Forward.