AIPMCASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus
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In light of these continued concerns, AIPMC calls on the international community, ASEAN countries included, to continue to send the right message to the power holders in Myanmar.
Indeed, Thailand's recent governments have also ignored the critical voice of Kraisak Choonhavan, former Senator and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, who is presently AIPMC's President.
While AIPMC continues to call on member states such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, to offer humanitarian assistance to these people where necessary, the inter-parliamentary caucus is increasingly concerned by the Myanmar government's failure to react sufficiently to the humanitarian crisis unfolding within its borders - which is leading to this continued exodus.
The AIPMC president and respected parliamentarian told the visiting delegates of the key efforts made to empower Indonesia's parliament in the transition following the end of Suharto's 32-year rule as president in 1998.
The aim of AIPMC is to advocate human rights and democratic reform in Myanmar/Burma.
This act of oppression has given us the impression that the old ways of practice are still in effect despite all the positivity for change that we have been hearing," said Son Chhay, Vice President of AIPMC and Cambodian Member of Parliament.
We must make sure that they and others like them are never persecuted, threatened and illegally detained again in the future; the people of Myanmar need real and tangible guarantees that they are free to take part in the running of their own country once again," said Kraisak Choonhavan, Vice President of AIPMC and Chair of the AIPMC Thailand Caucus.
Whilst welcoming many of the recent changes taking place in Myanmar, AIPMC remains concerned by the relatively slow pace of political reform and improvement of human rights in the country.
AIPMC notes with serious concern on recent developments of the Malaysian government's plan to implement the detainees exchange program with Myanmar.
AIPMC, under the current President, Eva Sundari (Indonesia), and yet before under Kraisak Choonhavan (Thailand) and Zaid Ibrahim (Malaysia), has consistently campaigned for democratic reforms and human rights protection in Myanmar since 2004.
AIPMC has appealed to the European Union and ASEAN to support Mr.
In a press release The ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (AIPMC) has said that Layton was among the members of Canadian parliament who joined the Parliamentary Friends of Burma (PFOB), which is a similar group of the AIPMC, since it was founded in 2006.