AIPNAustralian Injury Prevention Network
AIPNAsian Industrial Property Network
AIPNAll IP Based Network (3GPP)
AIPNacute inflammatory polyneuropathy
AIPNAdvanced Industrial Property Network (Japanese Patent Office)
AIPNAssociation of International Petroleum Negotiators
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Other featured presentations will include the AIPN Model International Operating Agreement and Model Service Agreements currently being revised, the new LNG Sale and Purchase Agreement and Gas Transportation Agreements, and the Model Drilling Contract and Model Area of Mutual Interest Agreements currently in development.
Bossey concluded that in light of these recent developments "some" of the risks have been removed from an investment in AIPN stock.
Also, AIPN announced its Lake Charles, Louisiana refinery has increased its aggregate processing rate up to approximately 27,000 barrels per day (bpd), of which 14,000 bpd of crude oil is processed through its atmospheric distillation unit ('ADU') and 13,000 bpd of ADU bottoms are processed through its vacuum distillation unit ('VDU'), well ahead of the minimum rates included in a press release last month.
AIPN is acknowledged as a leading professional organisation of commercial negotiators and energy lawyers in the international petroleum industry.
The AIPN could not have picked a better venue and a better time to hold
The drafting committee was a broad representation from the AIPN membership, including members from several of the major LNG sellers, buyers, transporters and traders worldwide as well as from international law firms and other oil and gas companies.
The AIPN International Conference will be held from September 26 to 29 in Doha.
The 2012 version is the first revision of the AIPN's JOA in 10 years," said AIPN President Pablo Alliani (Alliani & Bruzzon Abogados).
In view of the substantial benefits that independent programming networks bring to industry and the consumer, the AIPN will work to further these public benefits and provide its members with voice and support in national matters relating to the video programming marketplace.
CALGARY, Alberta -- The risks and rewards of pursuing global non-conventional petroleum resources will be discussed and debated at the AIPN International Conference September 13-16 in Banff, Canada.
This year's workshop will feature a presentation on civil law issues and adaptations for AIPN model contracts in a civil law context, which is of particular interest to global negotiators doing business in civil law countries.
The DEA is the latest in a series of hydrocarbon-related model contracts published by the AIPN to facilitate the negotiation of energy transactions around the globe.