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AIPSAstronomical Image Processing System
AIPSAstronomical Information Processing System
AIPSAssociation Internationale de la Presse Sportive (French: International Sports Press Association)
AIPSAmerican Institute for Public Safety
AIPSAstronomical Image Processing Software
AIPSAdvanced Integrated Propulsion System
AIPSAssociation Internationale pour la Prévention du Suicide
AIPSAhmad Ibrahim Primary School (Singapore)
AIPSAlteration Installation Planning System
AIPSArmy Information Processing Standards
AIPSAuthenticated Internet Protocol Specification
AIPSAdvanced Intrapulse Processor System
AIPSAmerican Institute for Philanthropic Studies
AIPSAssociation Internationale de Psychologie Scolaire
AIPSAdvanced Intelligence Processing System
AIPSAircrew Integrated Protection System
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It focuses on promotion of cooperation in higher education and research, faculty training by foreign scholars, academic placements of faculty, share information and use the resources for COMSATS' member countries and AIPS affiliated centers.
Amjad Aziz Malik as Secretary General of AIPS Asian we have decided to have our office in his home City Peshawar.
The AIPS ASIA president was accompanied by the Omani Dr.
The war was very hard on my city in Syria," said Mohsen to AIPS at the Opening Ceremony; surrounded with camera lights.
Merlo, who is with Italian publication La Gazetta dello Sport, was elected president of the AIPS, defeating France's Alain Lunzenfichter in May last year.
The ALTALT planner project started as a student-only initiative to develop a respectable entry for the 2000 AIPS Competition led by Biplav Srivastava and comprising Minh B.
OmniDROP and the Ring Communicator will provide excellent communication features to the specimen screening, slide reporting and data management capabilities of CytoCore's AIPS system," stated John A.
Manama, July 3 (BNA): President of the Asian Sports Press Association AIPS ASIA, Vice President of International Sports Press Association AIPS, Mohammed Qasim received Mohammad Al Maliki Vice President of the International Federation of Sports Press, head of AIPS ASIA Advisory committee .
A meeting of the Mohmand Press Club cabinet held which was chaired by Saeed Badshah during the meeting cabinet members' present congratulation to the Malik Amjad Aziz and said that his members' ship shows that his long life services have been recognized by AIPS in the filed sports reporting in the Pakistan.
The AIPS was opened by the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani.
However, that could all be changing in Doha -- a decade after there were almost no women noticeable at AIPS (International Sports Press Association) congresses.
AIPS is a unique system designed to be the sole integrated solution that addresses specimen management, visual review, data capture, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and reporting, proficiency testing and other management functions.