AIPSAAssociazione Italiana Professionisti Security Aziendale (Italian: Italian Association of Professional Security Companies)
AIPSAAssociation of Insolvency Practitioners of Southern Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa)
AIPSAAutomated Intel Processing for Situational Awareness
AIPSAAssociation of Independent Publishers of Southern Africa
AIPSAAssociazione Italiana Produttori Substrati di coltivazione e Ammendanti (Italia)
AIPSAAgro Industrial Paramonga SA (Peru)
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Budgeting for AIPSA is done by the business manager in consultation with senior staff and affirmed, in principle line by line, by the Executive Council.
Lively discussion was heard during the five Hyde Park sessions held this year, including two "Open Forum Discussions on the AIPSA Strategic Planning Report.
Knight Foundation, the AIPSA Congressional Fellowship Program retains its core emphasis on providing political scientists and journalists the opportunity of experiencing Congress firsthand.