AIPSOAutomobile Insurance Plan Service Office (insurance)
AIPSOAssociation of International Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario (Canada)
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The numbers of car years written in the voluntary and residual markets are obtained from Automobile Insurance Plans Services Office (AIPSO), AIPSO Facts, various years.
AIPSO was unable to provide any data for several states and for some states was not able to provide data for all seven years.
AIPSO Facts, various years, AIPSO - Johnston, Rhode Island.
Estimates of incurred losses for the involuntary market were obtained or developed from information in AIPSO Facts.
Until the early 1980s, AIPSO Facts reported voluntary market premiums and losses for liability coverage, but only for states with assigned risk plans.
AIPSO Facts publishes deficit estimates of this type (also see Lee, 1977).
Under the AIPSO arrangement, each firm is responsible to service a percentage of the drivers in the assigned rick plan equal to their market share in the voluntary market.
21)The liability only (LIABONLY) variable was constructed with information in Automobile Insurance Plan Service Office, AIPSO Insurance Facts (various years).
25) With an estimate of the ELR, operating expenses are estimated by AIPSO according to the equation(26)