AIQAnalytical Instrument Qualification
AIQAvailable in Quarters
AIQAutorité d'Investissement du Qatar (French: Qatar Investment Authority)
AIQAction Internet Québec
AIQAssociation des Indiens du Québec (French: Indian Association of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
AIQAllowance Item Quantity
AIQAtlas Informatisé de Quito (French: Computerized Atlas of Quito; Quito, Ecuador)
AIQAnalyst Interest Queue
AIQAlgebraic Integer Quantization
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Model AIQ. [DELTA]AI[C.sub.c] [w.sub.i] K -21og(L) Sex*[M.sub.D] 203.729 0.000 0.717 4 194.704 Sex*[M.sub.b] 206.331 2.602 0.195 6 192.061 Mo 210.240 6.510 0.028 3 203.640 [M.sub.b] 210.424 6.695 0.025 4 201.399 [M.sub.bh2] 211.563 7.834 0.014 6 197.292 [M.sub.h2] 211.708 7.979 0.013 5 200.129 Sex*[M.sub.h2] 213.161 9.432 0.006 8 193.047 Sex*[M.sub.bh2] 216.451 12.722 0.001 10 189.784 [M.sub.t] 227.268 23.539 0.000 11 197.018 [M.sub.tb] 230.554 26.825 0.000 12 196.490 [M.sub.th2] 231.425 27.696 0.000 13 193.292 [M.sub.tbh2] 234.701 30.972 0.000 14 192.218 Sex*[M.sub.t] 253.484 49.755 0.000 20 176.962 Sex*[M.sub.tb] 268.155 64.426 0.000 22 175.964 Sex*[M.sub.th2] 285.951 82.222 0.000 24 174.793 Sex*[M.sub.tbh2] 307.523 103.794 0.000 26 172.935 Models are ranked in ascending QAIQ order.
The committee heard Facebook informed the Electoral Commission that AIQ ran 1,398 adverts on behalf of Vote Leave and other Brexit-backing campaigns between February 2016 and polling day on June 23.
"There's now tangible proof in the public domain that AIQ actually built Ripon, which is the software that utilised the algorithms from the Facebook data," Wylie told the British Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee.
One approach for the preparation of optical polymeric materials has been to electrospin polymer blends [5], such as polyfluorene derivatives/poly(methyl) methacrylate (PMMA) and phenylene vinylene derivatives/PMMA, using a single solution spinneret for the purpose of reducing AIQ to enhance luminescence efficiency.
Los analisis ceramicos (Correa y Garcia 2014) identificaron principalmente un componente atacameno del periodo Intermedio Tardio e Inca, representado mayormente por vasijas restringidas de los tipos TRA, TGA, TRR, y en menor medida por fragmentos Ayquina (AIQ) y Dupont (DUP), junto con tipos inca local (TRN) y etnografico (TCA).
Specifically, we had two objectives: 1) to determine if athletic identity, as measured by the AIQ, would account for a significant amount of the variance in each dimension of sport orientation, as measured by the SOQ; and 2) to determine if there would be specific or common facets of athletic identity that emerged as unique predictors of sport orientation.
Ubicada a 40 kilometros de la ciudad de Queretaro, esta constituida por un gran numero de localidades rurales que han visto modificarse aceleradamente su entorno en los ultimos quince anos por el asentamiento progresivo de zonas industriales y, recientemente, por la construccion e inauguracion del Aeropuerto Internacional de Queretaro (aiq).
The Policy of Monitoring and Assessment of the Basic Health care established the Assessment for Improving the Quality of the Family Health Strategy(AIQ) (3), in conjunction with states and municipalities, locating assessment as a permanent instrument for decisionmaking and quality as a fundamental attribute to be achieved in the Single Health System (SUS) (4).
Acqueon is offering to deploy its Lync-native AiQ contact center solution for the cost of any current annual call center maintenance contract.
Aspects of Salient Identity Questionnaire (AIQ IV; Cheek, Smith, and Tropp, 2002).