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AIRAAssociation of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors
AIRAAustralasian Investor Relations Association
AIRAAssociazione Italiana Riparatori Auto
AIRAAircraft Icing Research Alliance
AIRAAsociación Indígena de la República Argentina (Spanish: Indigenous Association of Argentina)
AIRAAmerican Immunization Registry Association
AIRAAmerican Internet Registrants Association
AIRAAir Attaché
AIRAArizona Industrial Relations Association
AIRAAllocated Insurance Reserve Account
AIRAAmerican International Reiki Association Inc.
AIRAAcademy of Independent Recording Artists
AIRAAssociation des Insuffisants Rénaux Aquitaine
AIRAAppalachian International Relations Association
AIRAAmerican Independent Refiners Association
AIRAAmerican Risk and Insurance Association
AIRAAutomobile Industry Recovery Act of 2008
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He uses his book to mention and reference writers such as Aira, Fabian Casas, and Pedro Mairal, but also to market his own writing (22).
As Aira explains, the wealthy owners of the apartment "had their own idea of happiness; they imagined it wrapped in a delay, a certain developmental slowness, which was already making them happy.
Though writers for most of their lives, both only began publishing books in the early 1990s, Aira at a pace of two to four per year, and Bolano, once every two years.
His mother-in-law Aira says the process of separating herself from the business is a "day-by-day" process.
The single road along the northern shore of Ullswater offers views of the lake through the trees and it's worth a stop at Aira Force where a 70ft waterfall cascades through the rocks.
I recently visited a waterfall in Cumbria, called Aira Force.
Ichikawa's brother Kenichi, 57, attended the wake held in the town of Aira along with some 200 other mourners.
The amateur astronomer became the head of a municipal observatory ''Starland AIRA'' in the town of Aira in Kagoshima in October 1996 and later found an asteroid.
One local attraction we did visit and can be highly recommended is Aira Force waterfalls off Ullswater Lake.
Switzer informed the Pentagon on February 2, 1976: "Responding to call from source, DATT [defense attache] and AIRA [air attache] proceeded to hangar/warehouse building about 100 yards south of interrogation building.
Doctors at the Takeuchi Ladies' Clinic in the town of Aira say their request will be filed with the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
He has written articles on the automotive industry and contributed to panels at both the TMA and the AIRA regarding various industry and bankruptcy issues.