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AIRACAeronautical Information Regulation and Control
AIRACAll-Industry Research Advisory Council
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For example and presuming an annual subscription, the FAA will ship you a complete set of fresh en route charts every 56 days, or every other AIRAC cycle.
Such an entity could, for example, periodically replicate the aforementioned AIRAC study to gain better insight into the relationships between climate change and insurer solvency.
AIRAC stands for Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control.
While it can seem like it's every other day, GPS databases are updated every 28 days (one AIRAC cycle).
Prior studies (AIRAC, 1989) have identified metropolitan areas as high-incidence locales of UM drivers (MET).
Since GPS databases are tied to AIRAC cycles on a predictable 28 day schedule, the revision dates can be added to your calendar.
All-Industry Research Advisory Council, 1989, Compensation for Automobile Injuries in the United States, Oak Brook, Illinois: AIRAC. A.
A recent survey by AIRAC (1985) found that only 17 percent of consumers nationwide had contacted an insurance agent or company to get a quote on auto insurance in the past year.