AIRBAdvanced Internal Rating-Based (financial approach)
AIRBAutomobile Insurance Rate Board (Minister of Finance and Enterprise; Canada)
AIRBAnteater Instruction and Research Building (University of California, Irvine)
AIRBAnti-Illegal Recruitment Branch (military recruitment; various locations)
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Under the AIRB approach, the Bank uses internal risk parameter estimates, based on historical experience.
2) Non-retail AIRB drawn and undrawn exposures include government guaranteed mortgages.
banks' higher capital requirement for low-risk mortgages should not hamper their ability to compete with larger, AIRB banks.
QIS (quantitative impact study) 4 in the United States and QIS 5 in Europe indicated that the AIRB standard will be considerably lower than Basel I's 8 percent of risk assets.
Expansion of the FHLBs' mortgage programs and the implementation of the AIRB approach of the Basel II capital requirements for large U.
We knew that an increase would be necessary, but we wanted to take a more measured approach in order to maintain balance in the system, said Alfred Savage, AIRB chair.
The Bank received approval, with conditions, from OSFI to use AIRB for material Canadian, U.
Banks adopting the AIRB approach to credit risk are required to
introduced for the first two years after full implementation of AIRB.
Waivers are available to use the Standardized approach for a defined period of time where there are clear plans in place to implement the AIRB approach.
Banks adopting the AIRB approach to credit risk are required to categorize banking-book exposures by counterparty type, each having different underlying risk characteristics.
Notice to Investors of NEON, AIRB and WRPD Concerning Shareholder Lawsuits by