AIRCAustralian Industrial Relations Commission
AIRCAssociazione Italiana Per La Ricerca Sul Cancro (Italian Cancer Research Association)
AIRCAmerican International Recruitment Council
AIRCAmerican Information Resource Center
AIRCAssociate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance (LOMA insurance program)
AIRCAir Conditioning and Refrigeration (course)
AIRCAdorama Imaging Resource Center
AIRCAs I Recall
AIRCAssociation of Independent Radio Contractors
AIRCAssociação de Informática da Região Centro (Coimbra, Portugal)
AIRCAsian International Rivers Center (Yunnan University; Yunnan, China)
AIRCAstronomical Instruments Research Center
AIRCAssociation Internationale Rurale Catholique (French)
AIRCAnimal Industries Research Committee
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Ashrawi expressed her appreciation to the AIRC for making Palestine the priority of the meeting and for offering financial assistance to the Palestinian people in light of the US Administration's decision to cut funds to the United Nations refugee agency, UNRWA.
Trevor Higgs, head of landing gear and UK senior site representative, Airbus, commented: "We at Airbus see the AIRC as a key part of the growing research ecosystem the aerospace industry has in the UK, and will help us foster closer relationships with research partners and to accelerate and deliver on our research strategy for the Wing of Tomorrow, to make sure our products remain the best in the world.
addresses the Court's conclusion about Election Clause delegations and its failure to consider whether the AIRC was the Arizona Legislature.
In terms of monitoring IFAs, the AIRC did not include requirements (proposed by the ACTU) to notify the relevant union that an agreement had been entered into, nor to involve unions in regular reviews of IFAs.
As will be discussed in detail below, before the AIRC full bench decision in Carter v Village Cinemas Australia Pty Ltd, (39) single member decisions took divergent views on the relevance of redeployment.
the AIRC would build on its reasonable success in 2001, or (2) with
46) The undervaluation of female-dominated work began to develop as a pressing issue and any equal pay cases presented to the AIRC were subject to the Government's overarching policies of wage restraint.
Later, in a statement, the AIRC chairman said the council was established to fill the gaps in the Arab world in the absence of institutions representing the civil society which could undertake the task of addressing Arab issues at local or international levels as well as narrow the differences, if any, among the Arabs.
Imposed a requirement for both union and non union negotiating parties to apply to the AIRC to order a secret ballot of eligible employees to approve any proposed protected industrial action.
The AIRC is the forerunner of the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission which was established by the first Labor Government in Australia in 1904.
Also, taxpayers that are currently using the AIRC method will need to evaluate whether to use the regular credit or ASC for tax years beginning after Dec, 31, 2008.