AIRCOMAir Force Communications (USAF)
AIRCOMAir Force Communications Complex
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SITA AIRCOM IP services enable airlines to automate their flight briefing and reporting processes by connecting aircraft to broadband radio links, resulting in productivity gains and cost savings.
SITA states that its AIRCOM Communications Services will: "enable Garuda to substantially automate the airline's flight operations including the automated uplink of load sheets, position reports and aircraft movement reports.
In addition, controllers will be able to contact aircraft to down-link position information on a periodic basis, via SITA's AIRCOM satellite data link service, as a means to achieve airspace surveillance in areas beyond radar coverage.
The company said that AIRCOM IQ addresses the need for efficient optimisation and management of telecomms network infrastructure.
As well as the 3G module of ASSET, AIRCOM delivered 3G technology courses and will also provide a range of training and consultancy services to Mobinil's engineers, to ensure a seamless integration into the network.
SITA's AIRCOM support is vital to helping us maintain our projected traffic increase over that period while containing costs.
VHF AIRCOM, currently in use on over 4,400 aircraft around the world, enables the flight crew to download messages on operational matters such as flight operations, cabin administration and aircraft maintenance and engineering.
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SITA s AIRCOM Cockpit Datalink applications provide enhanced visibility and management of aircraft communications links and ACARS message content.
A set of planning tools intended for WiMAX networks planning have been unveiled by AIRCOM International, a radio planning solutions provider.
The MOU will allow TENZING to interface its FlightConnect system with SITA`s aircraft air-to-ground linkages through the Satellite AIRCOM network, which will enable airline passengers to use laptop computers and existing e-mail accounts to send and receive messages in-flight.
The company's AIRCOM Cockpit Datalink applications boost visibility and handling of aircraft communications links and ACARS message content.