AIRCOMAir Force Communications (USAF)
AIRCOMAir Force Communications Complex
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Warid Telecom Uganda is operating in a very competitive and dynamic market; having an in-house planning tool like ASSET from AIRCOM minimizes our dependency on vendors in terms of rollout/expansion planning and helps us maintain a first-class quality network," said Danish Hussain, Head of Engineering - Warid Telecom Uganda.
Network technology company Mancala Networks announced on Thursday the delivery of a new, high availability RADIUS authentication system for air transport communications and IT solutions provider SITA's AIRCOM IP platform.
SITA states that its AIRCOM Communications Services will: "enable Garuda to substantially automate the airline's flight operations including the automated uplink of load sheets, position reports and aircraft movement reports.
In addition, controllers will be able to contact aircraft to down-link position information on a periodic basis, via SITA's AIRCOM satellite data link service, as a means to achieve airspace surveillance in areas beyond radar coverage.
The company said that AIRCOM IQ addresses the need for efficient optimisation and management of telecomms network infrastructure.
At SITAONAIR were already integrating SB-S integral position reporting to enhance our AIRCOM FlightTracker application, further supporting GADSS.
Together, AIRCOM and Telcordia enable operators to tackle the full range of network and service challenges, from dropped calls and coverage blackspots to hard-to-find glitches, data traffic jams and network-wide failures.
Summary: AIRCOM International, the leading independent network planning and optimisation consultancy, has been selected by Egypt's largest mobile operator Mobinil, to help plan and implement 3G technology into its existing 2G network.
AIRCOM International, a mobile network planning and optimisation consultancy, has added new features to its ASSETShare network planning tool.
The report tracks Tier 1 mobile infrastructure vendors with mobile network optimization tools, including Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, and ZTE; as well as specialist vendors, including Actix, AIRCOM, Airhop, Aricent, Arieso, Ascom, Astellia, Axis, Bytemobile, Celtro, Commsquare, Eden Rock, Infovista, InterDigital, Intucell, Mentum, Newfield Wireless, P.
Starting in 2018, SITAONAIR airline customers with ADS-B Out equipped aircraft will have access to 100 percent global flight tracking data, in real time, through SITAONAIR's AIRCOM FlightTracker product.
Gulf Air, the national carrier of Kingdom of Bahrain, today announced a new five-year agreement with SITA for AIRCOM support as part of its overall thrust to offer more non-stop flights than any other airline in the Middle East.