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AIRCONAutomated Information & Reservations Computer Oriented Network
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Keeping up with the current trends in technology and innovation in design, HTL Aircon is poised to make a huge impact in HVAC market today.
Country: GermanySector: Wind PowerTarget: Aircon GmbHBuyer: Lely Holding SarlType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
A larger engine with aircon and alloy wheels will cost pounds 10,700.
In addition the Aircon heating system provides anti-icing and affords temperature control.
The washer, named Aircon Cycle Drum TW-2500VC, can be used as an air conditioner to rid the space around the machine of humidity and keep it cool, they added.
Clivet Aircon, which is a specialist outsource provider, believes that many companies are not always aware as to what equipment they have in the building, how old it is and even if it has been regularly serviced.
The flagship version will add alloy wheels, side airbags, ABS, automatic aircon system, powered and heated door mirrors, a CD autochanger, rear spoiler and front foglamps.
Even aircon, full leather and traction control can't dilute this car's brutal intent.
The jockey was forced to give up two mounts at Hereford on Saturday after a fall from Aircon in the handicap chase.
Sebastian didn't like sleeping with the aircon on, so he slept in his room.
AirCon Solutions (ACS) is a rapidly rising name in the field of air conditioning.