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AIREAnagrafe Degli Italiani Residenti All'Estero (Italian: Registry of Italians Residing Abroad)
AIREAutoimmune Regulator
AIREArlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions (Virginia)
AIREAtlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions (aviation)
AIREAssociation of Irish Riding Establishments
AIREAustin Institute of Real Estate (Austin, TX)
AIREAcute Infarction Ramipril Efficacy study
AIREAdvanced Intermediate Representation with Extensibility
AIREAwards for the Integration of Research and Education
AIREArizona Institute for Renewable Energy (Tempe, AZ)
AIREAsthma Insights & Reality in Europe (asthma survey)
AIREAgence pour l'Investissement dans la Recherche à l'Étranger (French: Agency for Investment in Research Abroad)
AIREAdvanced Information Retrieval Engine (Illinois Institute of Technology)
AIREAcademic-Intellectual Resource Exchange
AIREArtificially Intelligent Reverse Engineer (from Mother of Storms novel by John Barnes)
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Ahmet Bolat, chief investment and technology officer of Turkish Airlines, said: "We join Aire as it constitutes our fit-for-purpose representation in the European arena, with a cost-driven agenda and a hands-on approach on issues that must be dealt with on an EU level.
For more information about Aire Serv of Huntsville, call 256-469-3820 or visit aireserv.
Government investigators acted against Aire following the collapse of Edinburgh property firm Deneway, whose previous directors include crooked lawyer Michael Karus.
It turned Desert Aire over to resident pro Delano, who has continued to operate it while Los Angeles airport officials requested bids from others interested in running it.
Ailola Buenos Aires provides the chance for immersion by letting students speak with native Argentines and hear what Spanish is meant to sound like.
Juan Pablo Barreyro (Universidad de Buenos Aires--Buenos Aires, Argentina)
China's ambassador to Buenos Aires confirmed to reporters the agreement signed Friday was intended to promote the exchange of agricultural products.
According to the EIU ranking, the most competitive cities in Latin America after Buenos Aires are Sao Paulo, Santiago and Mexico City.
El 19 de septiembre de 1884, en virtud de un decreto del gobernador d'Amico, la provincia de Buenos Aires cedio a la Nacion la Biblioteca (hoy, Biblioteca Nacional) y el Museo (el actual Museo de Ciencias Naturales "Bernardino Rivadavia") que funcionaban en la reciente Capital Federal.
inesperadas posibilidades urbanas para Buenos Aires (flood
The recycling cooperative in question, whose members make a living by collecting bottles and cans on the streets of Buenos Aires, used a loan to purchase equipment and rent a larger warehouse.