AIREVACAero-Medical Evacuation (US DoD)
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transport, AirEvac Complaint [paragraph] 19, in effect forcing AirEvac
Leon R Vance Jr., Medal of Honor recipient killed July 26,1944, en route to the United States from Iceland, when the airevac aircraft he was a patient on disappeared in the Atlantic.
I will never realize my dream of being an AirEvac paramedic."
Four Aces Sponsors: AirEvac Lifeteam 138, Clearwave Communications, Clifton Larson Allen LLP, James Williams of Lincoln Financial, Kathy Pine and Sara Obermark of Sandberg, Phoenix, & VonGontard, Korte Construction, Legence Bank, and Wooded Hills Bar & Grill.
CHS Principal Missy Meyer explained that all of this was made possible by a group effort of the local police department, the fire department, Illinois State Police, Medstar, AirEvac and the city of Chester.
An AirEvac helicopter was dispatched and landed behind the gym to take Fogerson to a trauma hospital.