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AIREXAir Exercise (DoD)
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The AIREX Market empowers vendors to generate new revenues, monetize existing products, and generate higher margins in new market segments that they cannot cost-effectively reach today.
You can also learn more about the AIREX Markets, or sign up to become a partner, vendor, or customer.
We are excited and have great expectations for our relationship with AIREX Market," said Peter Donovan, CEO of Wright Investors' Service.
The objectives of AIREX 2001 are: (1) to examine the emergency response capabilities and readiness of LAX operations and support personnel, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), and area mutual aid organizations (including local hospitals); (2) to evaluate the effectiveness of LAX in implementing the Incident Command System under the California Standardized Management System; (3) to practice life-saving strategies and methods; and (4) to test and evaluate the effectiveness of LAX's support and coordination with airlines and other tenants in implementing the airport's emergency plan.
is proud to announce that HCWE, an independent research boutique supporting intelligent investment strategies, is now offering its analytical reports for purchase on the AIREX Markets.
The new sellers add tens of thousands of individually purchasable new products to the AIREX Markets.
It seems fitting that we should be offering it on the AIREX Markets, which are already democratizing so many other forms of investment insights.
Marco Polo is continually looking for cutting edge products like AIREX Market to enhance our unique offering in the marketplace and deepen our relationships with clients.
Due to its location between two continents, AIREX Turkey has become an important business aviation event for both the European and Asian markets, said Sean McGeough, HBC president, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.
The AIREX Market provides single sign-on access to hundreds of thousands of individually purchasable products, bringing together sellers that include FactSet Research Systems, Morningstar, Mercer, and Nasdaq, with many more global and boutique providers coming on line every week.
As we look to expand Bombardier s global reach beyond our traditional markets, we are pleased to showcase our diverse portfolio of commercial aircraft for the 60- to 149-seat market at AIREX 2012, stated Steven Aliment, Vice President, Sales, Europe, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.
AMAC Aerospace declared that it will be taking part at the bi-annual AIREX at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, which will be held between 6 and 9 September 2012.