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AIREXAir Exercise (DoD)
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produces AIREX Markets, which are independent, cloud-based marketplaces that offer financially actionable apps, information, and reports (Financial AIR(TM)) from a large and growing list of vendors globally.
The AIREX program primarily used computer simulation, with only two days of live exercises.
The AIREX Market is the cloud-based marketplace that launched earlier this year, which already offers nearly one million unbundled, individually purchasable products from a rapidly growing array of leading sellers such as Standard & Poor's, FactSet Research Systems, Morningstar, Mercer, and Nasdaq.
The objectives of AIREX 2001 are: (1) to examine the emergency response capabilities and readiness of LAX operations and support personnel, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), and area mutual aid organizations (including local hospitals); (2) to evaluate the effectiveness of LAX in implementing the Incident Command System under the California Standardized Management System; (3) to practice life-saving strategies and methods; and (4) to test and evaluate the effectiveness of LAX's support and coordination with airlines and other tenants in implementing the airport's emergency plan.
It includes genuine linear AIREX R 63 damage tolerant foam, AIREX R 82 fire retardant foam (M1, F1 / F4, SR2, ST2), HEREX C 70 universally structural foam, AIREX R 90 heavy duty foam, KAPEX C 50 industrial processing foam, as well as closed-cell natural BALSA and AirLite/HEREX PVC foam.
AMAC participated for the first time at the AIREX Air Show in Turkey last week and the next show for is the Middle East Business Aviation event in Dubai in December 2012.
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) today announced its participation at AIREX 2012, the ninth International Civil Aviation and Airports Exhibition, Sept.