AIRIAssociazione Italiana Ricerca Industriale (Italian: Italian Association for Industrial Research)
AIRIArtificial Intelligence Research Institute (Spanish Scientific Research Council; Barcelona, Spain)
AIRIAwe-Inspiring Rites of Initiation (religion)
AIRIAtomic Industry Research Institute
AIRIAtheromatous Ischemic Renal Insufficiency
AIRIAssociazione Italiana Ricerca Istiocitosi (Italian: Italian Histiocytoses Research Association)
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Se aprovecho para exponer el informe de gestion de la AIRI por parte de la Junta Directiva saliente y para presentar a la nueva Junta Directiva, encabezada por el Profesor Russel Lansbury, cuya principal responsabilidad sera la organizacion del XV Congreso Mundial de Relaciones Industriales a celebrarse en Sydney-Australia durante el ano 2009.
The processing agreement with SB, as recently amended, requires AIRI to refine, for a fee, SB's crude oil into naphtha, distillates, vacuum gas oil and asphalt, and addresses, among various issues, specific performance by SB regarding continuous deliveries of crude oil to the refinery.
In August this year, AIRI and SB signed a joint venture agreement whereby SB began financing and supplying AIRI with bulk conventional asphalt and raw materials.
Index values are finalized daily and quoted on Bloomberg under the symbol AIRI.
Better-ranked stocks in the sector comprise Air Industries ( AIRI ), Boeing ( BA ) and General Dynamics ( GD ).