AIRIAAmerican Indian Riders International Association (Motorcyclists)
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The AIRIA represents almost all government, semi-government and other bodies/organizations/councils/institutions connected with the rubber industry in India to have better coordination and rapport.
With a view to disseminate information to the growing number of members/manufacturers in the industry, the AIRIA started the publication of its monthly official organ, Rubber India, 40 years ago, in January 1949.
In order to tackle the specific requirements of the members in different fields, the AIRIA every year constitutes several sub-committees under the convenership of experts to guide the group to handle the specific problems and advise on different useful programs.
The AIRIA is giving serious thought toward expanding education facilities in rubber technology through various universities so that in coming decades there will be enough availability of trained manpower to absorb new technology and man the industry.
With a view to recognizing and encouraging efforts of the individuals/firms, the AIRIA has instituted three awards for exports, research and quality improvement.
As such, India holds tremendous prospects for higher consumption and higher growth rate in coming years and the AIRIA is gearing up hard to support the industry to reach the estimated growth rate of 10% by 2000.
Freshana products, which include: AIRIA Air Purifier, EEZZEE All Purpose Cleaner, MAXAM Heavy Duty Cleaner, AUQUA Dishwasher Cleaner, AVIVA Laundry, REVIVER Carpets and Hard Floors, and ANIMINA Pet Wash and Pet Stain Remover were designed specifically to correct this wrong, by using an ingenious and complex blend of natural ingredients and a state of the art microencapsulation process in a patented formula to eliminate the hydrocarbon odors and messes naturally and almost instantly.
Our joint venture will set the introduction and standard for bringing live TV to aircraft while in flight," said Mike Stevens, Chairman and CEO of AIRIA.
Utilizing Inmarsat's existing satellites and antennas enables AIRIA to be at the forefront of this industry.
By the end of April 2000, Inmarsat antennas were already installed in almost 4000 aircraft, including long-haul, government and business jets, for safety and voice communications, and AIRIA will utilize these existing antennas.
AIRIA Limited: which will provide live television broadcasts to the airline industry.
For more information about AIRIA Limited and live television broadcast to airlines, please contact: