AIRLANTCommander, Naval Air Forces Atlantic
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Once requisitions for Truman's AVCAL Refresh were dropped, S-6 worked feverishly to get those parts on board, including working closely with AIRLANT and Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP) for more scarce items, as well as coordinating with repair facilities to coordinate repair-and-return items to maximize our range and depth prior to deployment.
It's only in its second year of existence, and I think that's another area where Admiral Starling is going to bring a lot to the command because at AIRLANT he was part of the Naval Aviation Enterprise--a far more mature enterprise.
He held command positions in two Naval Reserve cargo-handling units, a FISC detachment, an AIRLANT Supply unit, and a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) unit.
Bob Spath and Tim Slentz; and Mike Maus of AIRLANT Public Affairs for their assistance with this article.
The job was expeditiously completed with the assistance of civilian contractors and SURFLANT and AIRLANT military personnel (CDR Greg Hajzak) and civilian contractors (Will Walker, Dan Samuelson, Dionne Decker).