AIRMAssociazione Italiana Radioprotezione Medica (Italian: Italian Association of Medical Radiation Safety)
AIRMAustralasian Institute of Risk Management (Australia)
AIRMAssociate of the Institute of Risk Management (UK)
AIRMAdhesion Inhibitory Receptor Molecule
AIRMAssociation for Integration of Refugees and Migrants (Bulgaria)
AIRMAtmospheric Ionizing Radiation Measurement
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Although the research will be conducted jointly by AIRM and Universal Cells, Astellas will lead and fully fund the development program and will obtain worldwide rights for commercialisation.
Several project partners have had leading roles in AIRM and SWIM work in SESAR, but some partners are new to SESAR and offer new blood .
AIRM 33 562,002 510,605 38 CSG Systems CSGS 34 549,379 500,717 International Inc.
AIRM 36 510,605 498,802 33 CSG Systems CSGS 37 500,717 472,057 International Inc.
32% Retaurant Group 38 Air Methods AIRM 44 396,349 319,504 24.
AIRM 49 337,000 45 Advanced Energy Industries AEIS 44 325,500 Inc.
AIRM Air transport 58 Evergreen Resources EVG Petroleum and natural gas Inc.
People in business want to lose one particular vowel sound - the hard 'a' in the Cardiff accent or Cairdiff Airms Pairk, as you might say.
The romantic publisher airms to capture what Hazlitt called the spirit of the age.