AIRMAPAtmospheric Investigation, Regional Modeling, Analysis and Prediction
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In March 2018, skyguide and AirMap announced their partnership to develop the first nationwide U-space system in Europe to provide a comprehensive framework to support safe and efficient UAS operations across Switzerland.
"AirMap is ushering in a new era in drone aviation," said Matt Gilligan, vice president of Raytheon's Intelligence, Information and Services business.
AirMap is an airspace intelligence platform for the drone economy.
The Airmap function shows the areas around your city with the highest pollution levels, not surprisingly including London's Oxford Street among many other pollution hotspots.
introduced a blimp, or AIRMAP system, outftted with a 35 mm camera for collecting aerial imagery from an unmanned aircraft.
The UNH AIRMAP Observatory is unmatched in North America and perhaps the world.
At the bottom end, a $500 Lowrance AirMap 600C delivers accurate navigation, easy operation and a crisp color screen for one-fifth the price.
The Lowrance Airmap unit (designed for aerial use) exhibited a consistent lead of about 140-m (or 2-s) regardless of ground speed.
Triodyne's relatively unassuming pink-colored blimp is actually part of a carefully engineered system called Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Mapping with Aerial Photography, or AIRMAP. Patented in 1995, AIRMAP has been used in about 30 investigations per year since then, said John Goebelbecker, senior mechanical engineer for Niles, Ill.-based Triodyne.
Involi, a complete and reliable air traffic data provider for UAS, otherwise known as drones, and AirMap, the leading global airspace intelligence platform for drones, announce their collaboration to offer a pre-integrated UTM and Air Traffic Awareness solution for safe, efficient, and scalable drone operations.
Air traffic controllers use Raytheon's Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System to coordinate US airspace, and now the company has signed a deal with AirMap, which oversees the country's largest unmanned aerial systems tracking network, to integrate drones into airspace monitoring technology.
UAS traffic management company AirMap has announced the appointment of Tom Wheeler, former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to the board of directors, the company said.