AIROPSAir Operations
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Sabre Airops is a flight operations management and control system and Sabre Aircrews is a decision support system that will support Gulf Air's crew management needs.
But a source who worked for Air Operations of Europe (AirOps) said they leased it from Swedish firm Electra Aviation who owned the plane briefly, buying it in October 1993 before selling to ING who continued to lease it to AirOps.
IN November 1995, Lockheed claim ING sold it to Aviation Capital Corporation and AirOps continued operating it until January 1996.
THE plane is shown in Lockheed records to be still with AirOps, having clocked up 56,405 flight hours and 20,514 flight cycles.
Sabre AirOps Load Manager will be fully integrated with the airline's system operation control suite, helping ensure that weight and balance requirements are effectively met.
The five-year contract will include the implementation of Sabre Passenger Reservation System, Sabre ACSI international airport check-in system, Sabre AirOps Load Manager, weight and balance system, and a suite of Sabre Qik products for the airline's operations.
China Eastern Airlines will implement the Sabre AirOps Movement Control, Sabre AirOps Flight Planning and Sabre AirOps Load Planning systems.
Under the agreement, China Airlines will integrate the Sabre PC AirFlite flight scheduling system, the Sabre SlotManager slot managing and tracking system, the Sabre AirOps operations control system and the Sabre AirCrews crew management system into its operations.
Gulf Air has signed a new USD6.2m agreement with Sabre Holdings Corporation for the implementation, customisation and maintenance of Sabre's WiseVision, E-Commerce Reservation Tool, AirOps and AirCrews products.
Gulf Air has signed a USD6.2m deal with Sabre for the implementation, customisation and maintenance of four Sabre products including Sabre WiseVision; Sabre E-Commerce Reservations Tool (ECRT); Sabre Airops and Sabre Aircrews.