AIRPOAssociation for Institutional Research and Planning Officers (New York)
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Thus if each major airpo rt's air gates and runways can be used exclusively for long distance flights, with short distance points served by HSR, the longevity of existing airports can be extended for years, possibly decades.
Second, the Senate proposed to nationalise the baggage and passenger screening function in airpo rts and to sharply increase the number of federal "air marshals" on domestic flights, in order to improve security.
Hundreds of Turks ( packed into hospitals and blood banks late Tuesday and early Wednesday to donate blood after an attack at Istanbul's AtatAaAaAeA rk Airpo left more than 40 dead and nearly 240 wounded.
OsmeAaAaAeA~a said the funds must benefit the people of Cebu and the airpo users.
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It was set to touch down at DAaAaAeA sseldorf Airpo about an hour and a half later.
AIRPO is a privately owned Danish company selling high quality 400 Hz cables for airports as well as industrial wire and cable identification products.