AIRRAmerican Indian Religious Rights (American Indian prisoners)
AIRRAmazon International Rainforest Reserve
AIRRAssociation of Independent Readers and Rootworkers (Missionary Independent Spiritual Church)
AIRRAmerican Indian Resource and Referral (online database)
AirRAirways Remodeling
AIRRAnnualized Internal Rate of Return (wealth management)
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And despite repeated assertions to the contrary by the wealthy private jet folks, the AIRR Act would protect the interests of small and rural airports like Campbell Airport in Grayslake.
The AIRR Act will also maintain and strengthen all current contract tower programs and provide for the implementation of remote tower technology, which will offer smaller airports like Campbell increased air traffic control benefits at lower costs.
Congress must pass the AIRR Act now to create a modern and upgraded aviation infrastructure that is not undermined by the costly inefficiencies in the current system.
Adjusted Incident Rate Ratios for Number of Emergency Preparedness Activities Conducted by LHD in the Past Year by LHD Characteristics (a) 95% CI for AIRR LHD Characteristics AIRR Lower Bound Upper Bound Number of information systems (ELR, HIE, IR, EDRS, ELR, ESS) implemented by LHD 1.
The AIRR can generate substantially higher power levels in a smaller outline than traditional passive rectifiers and alternator regulators.
The AIRR combines a voltage regulator, which controls the output voltage of the alternator, with an active rectifier in one and the same module.
Bringing the AIRR to production is a milestone in the technology roadmap for automotive electrical power generation.
A board included of members denoting the interests of both the public and aviation system users might manage the air traffic control corporation setup under the AIRR Act.
LoBiondo, the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation, said, The robust debate during todays committee markup brought bipartisan improvements to the AIRR Act looking to address inefficiencies and shortcomings of our current aviation system.
The Airrs creates a brisk draft of air blowing downwards where the drill steel passes through the drill table.
After successful laboratory tests, the Airrs was field tested.
Table 2 shows the aIRRs and difference in the predicted annual number of visits from generalized estimating equation models, and approximate bivariate results from Figure 2.