AIRRSAircraft Inventory Readiness Reporting System (US Navy)
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After successful laboratory tests, the Airrs was field tested.
Due to the drill-bit size, a larger Airrs had to be fabricated than that used for the lab tests.
This was because of the much larger gap between the drill pipe and the Airrs due to deck bushing accommodation.
In a hole-by-hole comparison, the Airrs reduced respirable dust levels between 41-70%, with an average of 55%.
First, the drill operator and helper were impressed with how clean the drill deck and machine room were when using the Airrs. The drill had been equipped with an oversize deck bushing that produced an unusually large gap between the drill pipe and bushing.
It is believed that the performance of the Airrs can be significantly improved in several ways.
The predicted count for emergency preparedness activities performed by LHDs within the past year was significantly higher for LHDs with higher informatics capacity, though the increase in incidence rate was small for each additional informatics capacity (AIRR = 1.03, P = .000).