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AIRTAssociazione Italiana Registri Tumori (Italian: Italian Association of Cancer Registries)
AIRTApplication for Incident Response Teams (computer security)
AIRTAdvanced Incident Response Tool
AIRTAutomation Impacts Research Testbed
AIRTAutism Intervention Research Trust (UK)
AIRTAirborne Infrared Transmissometer
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The legends of Con Llondes and Mac Airt both involve crucial escapes into the forest from their enemies, after advice from a sorcerer.
King Cormac Mac Airt may wander away and lose his family, but he will be joyfully reunited with them; Suttree, never.
Echtra Cormaic Mac Airt, 'The Adventure of Cormac Mac Airt'.
Much of the scholarship attempts to sort one Irish legend from another and to resolve which variations are late additions, such as the adoption of facets of the Romulus story into that of Mac Airt (O hOgain 123).
The totemic affiliations may explain why, in The Instructions of Cormac Mac Airt, the king identifies the most troublesome and the most wanton clans in his kingdom with hounds (vii).
6) Although the brief The Instructions of King Cormac Mac Airt, or Tecosca Cormaic, casts such a wide net of advice it might be fitted to many texts, it is perhaps noteworthy that Mac Airt's antipathy towards women manifests itself in a four-page diatribe, which characterizes women as "waves that drown you" (35).
I would suggest that this reference probably extends also to Cormac Mac Airt, the "good king" of Irish legend, whose kingdom suffered when he was away from the throne.
AIRT has been structured as an enhanced equipment trust certificate (EETC) transaction.