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AISAutomatic Identification System (radio navigation)
AISAustralian Institute of Sport
AISAndrogen Insensitivity Syndrome
AISAmerican International School
AISAutomated Information System(s)
AISAssociation of Interior Specialists (also seen as AOIS)
AISAdvanced Information Systems (Boeing Corporation)
AISAccount Information Security
AISAs I Said
AISAssociation for Information Systems (international, for exchange of info about information systems)
AISAccounting Information System
AISAdministrative Information Services
AISArtificial Immune System
AISAeronautical Information Service
AISAlarm Indication Signal (UNI Fault Management)
AISAdolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
AISAcademic Intervention Services
AISAbbreviated Injury Scale (accident analysis)
AISAdenocarcinoma in Situ
AISAssociazione Italiana Sommeliers (Italian Professional Wine Stewards Association)
AISAustralian International School
AISAssociate in Insurance Services
AISAutomated Identification System
AISAdvanced Interactive Systems (Seattle, WA, USA)
AISAmerican Iris Society
AISAtlanta International School
AISApplication Interface Specification
AISAdaptation et Intégration Scolaire (French: Adaptation and Integration School)
AISAmerican Institute of Stress
AISAutomatic Information System
AISAgence Immobilière Sociale (French: Social Real Estate; Luxembourg)
AISAgro Ingreso Seguro
AISAir Injection System (Yamaha)
AISAir-Insulated Switchgear (Siemens AG)
AISAdministrative Information System
AISAeronautical Information System
AISAmerican Indian Services
AISAirborne Imaging Spectrometer
AISApples in Stereo (band)
AISAssociation Internationale de Sociologie (French: International Sociological Association)
AISAutomated Information Security
AISAutomatic Intercept System
AISAddress Information Systems (USPS)
AISAdvanced Information System
AISAsociación Internacional de Sociologia (Spanish: International Sociological Association)
AISAlltel Information Services
AISAssociation of Imaging Service Bureaus
AISApplied Information Sciences, Inc.
AISAutomatic Indexing-Shutter (photography)
AISAnti-Inflammatoires Stéroïdiens (French: Anti-Inflammatory Steroids)
AISAssured Information Security (Rome, NY)
AISAteliers de l'Image et du Son (French: Image and Sound Workshops)
AISAir Intelligence Squadron
AISAvionics Intermediate Shop
AISAir Interface Specification
AISAirborne Instrumentation System
AISAbu-Dhabi International School (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
AISAutomatic Idle Speed Motor
AISArmy Information System
AISAlarm Indicator Signal
AISAmerican Ivy Society (Naples, Florida)
AISAffiliate Information System
AISAirborne Instrumentation Subsystem
AISAccrued Income Scheme (UK)
AISAnnual Inspection Summary
AISAcceptable Intake for Subchronic Exposure
AISAlarm Indication System
AISAmbient Information Systems (workshop)
AISAnti Icing System
AISAutomated Insolvency System
AISAdvanced Instrument School (Will Rodger World Airport, Oklahoma City, OK)
AISAlabama Institutional Serial Number (penal system identifier)
AISAss in Seat
AISAircraft Instrumentation Subsystem
AISApplication Integration Support
AISAcademic Instructor School
AISAuto Immune System (procedure automation; Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Inc.)
AISAmerican Institutional Services
AISAdvanced Isotope Separation
AISAlarm Inhibit Signal (Sprint)
AISAdvanced Identification System
AISAccident Investigation Site
AISAdditional Information Specification
AISAcoustic Imaging System
AISAccumulator Injection System
AISApplied Information System
AISAlarm Insertion Signal (SONET/SDH)
AISAdaptive Interference Suppression
AISAccount Information Summary
AISAmerican Interdisciplinary Studies
AISAccident Information Sheet
AISABCs Information Services
AISAdvanced Informations Services
AISAcoustic Intercept System
AISAvionics Integrated Support
AISAffiliate and Immigration Services
AISApplicant Inventory System
AISAdaptive Infrastructure Strategy
AISArchitecture Integration Study
AISAsbestos Information System
AISAutomated Import Systems
AISAge in Service (age composition of a company's labor force)
AISAutomated Intelligence System
AISAirborne Intelligence System
AISAlien Internet Services
AISAirborne Intercept System
AISAlien Internet Services (Internet Media business in Australia)
AISAciers Inoxydables Spéciaux (French: Special Stainless Steel)
AISAcademy of International Studies at Woodburn (Woodburn, OR)
AISAllergy Information Statement (food label)
AISAccountable Instruction System
AISAce Investigations & Security
AISAdversary Information Systems
AISAcid Injection System
AISAPCE Interface Set
AISAmerican Installation Services
AISAdventures in Suburbia (band)
AISAgence Intégrale de Services (French: Complete Agency Services)
AISAdmissions Intake Specialist
AISAdvanced Indication System
AISAdvanced Infantry School
AISAudio Intercommunications System
AISAuto Initiate Sector
AISAnnual Inventory Inspection
AISAutomatic Interval Selection
AISAutonomous Intelligence Submunitions
AISArchive Index System
AISAntenna Interface System/Subsystem
AISAlternate Interim Successor
AISADN Interface Simulator
AISArize Informatique Services (French computer technology retailer)
AISAccredited Integrated Specialist
AISAquatic Invasive Species
AISAmerican Industrial Systems, Inc. (Irvine, CA)
AISAuto Insurance Specialists (various locations)
AISAdaptive Immune System
AISAmerican Interplanetary Society (est. 1930; science fiction)
AISAdvanced Infrastructure Solutions (various organizations)
AISAlien Invasive Species (biological diversity)
AISAffordable Internet Solutions (various locations)
AISArtificial Intelligence System
AISAdvisory Investment Service (various locations)
AISArtist in Schools (various locations)
AISAmerican Institute for Stuttering (New York, NY)
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The company enrolled 12 subjects with thoracic T2-T11 level (chest-level) neurological injuries classified as either AIS A or B according to the ASIA Impairment Scale (AIS) who were a minimum of 3 months from injury.
To nd out more about AIS |contact 0844 800 1810 or visit www.
Because the AIS 300 has a built-in VHF antenna coupler all you need to do is route your VHF antenna cable through the AIS 300 and then back to your VHF radio.
AIS employs about 325 people, posts about $100 million a year in sales and does most of its manufacturing in Hudson.
For example, an AIS concept of operations drafted by the Third Fleet staff and facilitated by Naval Warfare Development Command quickly evolved from first draft to Commander Fleet Forces Command approval in less than a year.
Both the AIS and FIS issued numerous statements condemning the attacks against civilians in an attempt to distance themselves from the GIA.
Those who predict the development, and ultimate competitive success, of AIS agree that its development will require collaboration among many sectors of the university.
AIS has complete vibration test systems, including electro dynamic shaker systems, shock and vibration controllers, Horizontal slip table assemblies, long stroke thrusters, head expanders, power amplifiers, transducer calibration systems, accelerometers and instrumentation.
Further, ORBCOMM will receive exclusive licenses for additional coverage and AIS data in the polar and equatorial regions collected by the two satellites, to be launched in the second quarter of 2011 and nonexclusive licenses for a third satellite, Pathfinder 3 that will also be launched by LuxSpace.
Because the Coast Guard is in the early stages of progress toward nationwide AIS development, the total cost and completion time are uncertain.