AISATAsian Institute of Science and Technology (Philippines)
AISATArtificial Intelligence in Science and Technology (conference)
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Ortuyo, 21 of Batitang Subdivision, Cabadbaran City 21 is a two-year Air Craft Maintenance Technician graduate of Asian International School of Aeronautics and Technology, (AISAT) Davao City.
The 14- kg AISAT satellite from the German Aerospace Center, the 15- kg CAN- X4 and CANX5 satellites from a Canadian university and the 7- kg VELOX- 1 satellite made by a Singapore university comprised the piggyback payload for the flight.
Totu, A., Mumizam Halik, and Oswald Aisat Igau 2013 Media and the Kadazandusun People's Way of Life.