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AISDAustin Independent School District (Texas)
AISDArlington Independent School District (Arlington, TX)
AISDAmarillo Independent School District (Amarillo, TX)
AISDAldine Independent School District (Houston, TX)
AISDAlief Independent School District (Texas)
AISDAllen Independent School District (Allen, Texas)
AISDAshland Independent School District (Ashland, Kentucky)
AISDAutomated Information Systems Department
AISDAirlift Information Systems Division
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That shifts even more of the load to local school districts - and it increases the amount of money taxpayers in AISD and other recapture districts have to raise for use in other school districts around Texas.
It is only after inquiring into the policies of other comparably sized districts that AISD relented and approved the leaves of absence.
The objective of the present study is to find the significant deviation between the theoretical price of an option and the market price of an option and also to observe that which one out of the three volatility measures HSD, WISD, and AISD is the best predictor of true volatility of the underlying asset.
AISD has given the new schools about $900,000, some of which went toward hiring two new principals and staff who are promoting the schools in the community.
The program is also enriched by activities at TSBVI and AISD that include observations of experienced teachers who work with a wide variety of students with visual impairments during mentor centers.
The rating of "unacceptable" that the AISD had received was removed, and there were "higher district scores year after year in elementary schools, marginally higher graduation rates, lower dropout statistics, and increased college attendance for most secondary schools.
It will also be posted on the AISD Website, announced on AISD-TV, Channel 22, and reported by the Austin news media," the AISD said today in a statement on its website.
Lexmark developed the initial bubble sheet template specifically for AISD to include design and content elements such as the school logo.
The AISD pays an employee-only premium of $381 for teachers and education support professionals (ESPs) to enroll in an HMO.
AISD received $4,401,968 from the state Prekindergarten Expansion Grant to support full-day instruction in 2002-2003.
Participants who had lower AISD scores (closer matches between their actual and ideal selves) were hypothesized to have higher expectations of nurturance from counselors and facilitative conditions in counseling.