AISDSAboriginal Islander Skills Development Scheme (National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association Dance College; Australia)
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Since nobody knew what to do with AISDS in terms of funding the program, the university did what most organizations and institution do when they do not know what to do--refer the question to a committee.
The first cutting of the AISDS Program and retrenchment of the AISDS position (mine) occurred in the early spring quarter of 1997.
"Also, there was no minor in AISDS at the time; it was established in 2000.
The vote split the Social Science Department, where the AISDS Program is based, right down the middle.
Many of this professor's female colleagues were absolutely sure that the president denied her tenure because she supported the AISDS Program, supported the AISDS faculty position, and signed the minority report.
The second tenure process involved only the president, AISDS personnel (me), and the Inter Faculty Organization (IFO) labor relations director.
Fortunately, a new administration stepped in, and the actions to cut the AISDS Program and position ceased.
I remember another time when the vice president for academic affairs delivered his letter recommending that I not be granted tenure fifteen minutes before I was to deliver a paper for my annual AISDS spring conference.
Faculty worked against the AISDS Program and/or the AISDS professors.
It is difficult to say why the relationship between AISD scores and expectations of nurturance from counselors was significant for graduate students but not for undergraduate students.
The hypothesized relationship between AISD scores and expectations of facilitative conditions of counseling was not supported.